Green Krush is a radical new way of doing business. We believe in Profit + Purpose = Better world.



We are home of organic goodness, aiming for and promoting sustainable means of growing and supplying whole organic fruits, vegetables, dairy products and beverages that adhere to environment friendly standards.    

We source our products directly from fair trade certified producers and constantly strive to ensure the practices are transparent and follow rigorous food safety standards. We prioritize social, economic and environmental criteria to drive impact.

 We are a supplier of premium quality organic products to primarily North American Markets. We do in addition though, consider and are well able to handle requests for bulk orders from across the globe.

We are located in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. Our Proximity to east and west coasts of India provides us with strategic advantage to meet the demands of our customers from the West and East coasts of North America. 


Our portfolio include Bamboo, Jute, Cotton Products, Organic Foods and Fertilizers.

We adapt to our customers’ needs and operate to deliver a fully connected system to our customers to buy organic products from India. We source for organic products directly from farmers, producers and manufacturers across India who follow and adhere to sustainable practices.

 We believe in sustainability and ensure our packages are ecologically sound.